PAR 4 | 367 Metres

The fairway bunker on the right side is reachable for most golfers, whereas the bunker on the left side will only be reached by the longer hitter. With only the top of the flag visible from the fairway make sure to take plenty of club to reach the green.

Tallowwood - 367 metres
Bloodwood - 346 metres
Ironbark - 320 metres
Flooded Gums - 311 metres

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Course Conditions

Saturday 2nd December 2023
Carts on fairways at 90 degrees
Play the ball as it lies
Partly cloudy 27°C
Rainfall last 24 hours: 1mm
Greens cut to 3.0mm
Food & Beverage on-course from 9:00am
Range balls available until 4:00pm
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